Teaching your Children about History

Teaching your Children about History: Is It Really Possible?

History is definitely one of the most challenging subjects to teach because it involves a lot of reading and analysis. In fact, it is one of the most boring topics in school, and is also probably one of the most hated. For a lot of students, history is just one of those subjects that they need to pass. For this reason, most parents also think that teaching history to their kids is almost an impossible task. On the contrary, teaching history really does not need to be a stressful and demanding task if you only know a few tips and techniques on how to teach history. You really do not need to make your children memorize all of the names, characters, locations and dates of the historical events. What is most important is that you are able to help your children understand what truly happened in these events.

One of the best techniques used by most parents is to read and browse through the day’s lesson, and analyze the real story behind it. If you just read through the pages with your kids, chances are, your children will also get as confused as you are. It is very important to choose the most interesting events in the story and tell them in a very simple but compelling manner. Some parents even use these history events as sort of a bedtime story to tuck their kids into bed. This is actually not a bad idea because you will be able to tell historical events in a very simple and easy to understand way. Another technique that you can use to teach your kids history is to use different types of activities and games. This way, you will make history less boring and a lot of fun. For example, instead of merely reading out the stories or events, you can act out or dramatize a specific event to help your kids understand them better. You can re-enact a few war scenes that may involve soldiers, knights or military people. If your child is not into games or dramatizations, you can also choose some specialized activities according to your child’s preferences. For example, if your child loves to paint or draw, ask him to paint a specific historical scene. This way, he will be able to understand the event better, and will even be able to remember the situation once he gets to class. And if your child just loves music, you can also use different types of music while depicting a historical event.

It is also a great idea to watch movies, films or documentaries that feature historical events. This way, your child will be able to learn about the story behind the event through these films. There are a lot of films that you can watch, such as Braveheart, Robin Hood, The Last Emperor, Joan of Arc, Christopher Columbus, Elizabeth, Marie Antoinette, Lawrence of Arabia, Pearl Harbor, and a lot more.

Teaching history to your kids is truly not a very difficult task, if you only have the patience and commitment to think of different ways on how to help them learn and understand the different events.